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Radio Revolver is a cover band with heart.


Based in Greensboro, NC, the four-member outfit is comprised of veteran musicians from diverse backgrounds. Their eclectic catalog is a fully-stocked arsenal of timeless and modern hits, from Aretha’s “Respect” and AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”  to more fan favorites such as Prince’s “Purple Rain” and Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”.


Fronting the band with grit and grace is lead vocalist Tempe Blaszyk. A lifelong performer, at 16 she was sneaking in to play at bars. No one was the wiser, given her fire and tenacity on the stage, where her repertoire ranges from Aretha Franklin to AC/DC. Now a business owner who runs a popular bed and breakfast, Tempe spends her free time rocking out as the first lady of Radio Revolver not just because it’s fun, but because it’s therapeutic. After suffering a severe brain injury in a horse riding accident in 2009, music became a saving grace. “One of the best things for my brain is to constantly memorize lyrics,” she says.

Backing the firecracker of a singer is a high-energy band that can play everything from classic and contemporary rock to funk and pop. Eric Anthony loves to play guitar and has balanced covering songs note for note with improvising amazing solos to classic songs. Using the latest technology, Eric has been able to create a multitude of guitar sounds that are required to cover the wide range of songs that Radio Revolver plays each night.


The foundation of the the band has always been Rob Luce, an old-school power drummer whose intensity can’t be matched—watch out for his wicked drum solos! Rob has been part of many rock bands over the years and has recorded some incredible albums with his brothers Andy and Tom, better known as The Luce Brothers. Rob is also the key behind the backing vocals and harmonies of the band.  


Bassist Jim Wood is the newest member of Radio Revolver and is one of the most versatile players in the area. Jim’s ability to lock in with Rob completes the rhythm foundation of Radio Revolver. In the past, Jim was the lead singer of a heavy metal band but plays funk like he just got off the Mothership.


Together, Radio Revolver delivers one of the liveliest and memorable concerts you’ll experience. Simply put: If you see Radio Revolver on a lineup, get ready to party with a group of musicians who take their craft seriously. Whether it’s a club gig, a festival, or private event, the band brings their own state-of-the-art sound and lighting and performs as if they’re rocking a sold-out arena. “We’re just a fun group that works very hard in each performance to make sure each audience member has an amazing time at our shows. We know there are other choices to see live music, and we’re very grateful for every single person that comes to our shows,” Eric says.


Radio Revolver performs throughout the region and is available for weddings, festivals, college parties, and private events.

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