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Tempe Blaszyk


I grew up in music. My mother was my biggest inspiration. I've lived everywhere from Ketchikan Alaska to Key West Florida. While surfing the net I met these guys in 2016, and it's been one of my best connections with fellow artists.

Being a woman in the entertainment business can be challenging, but not with Radio Revolver. People always ask what my favorite song or music is. It's too eclectic to define. There is little I don't love, and we do it all!  :)


I'm also a small business owner. I proudly own a well cultivated Bed & Breakfast in Virginia.

Thankful that I still can do this!

Eric Anthony

Lead Guitar

Eric Anthony hails from Greensboro, NC and possesses a lifelong passion for playing the guitar. During his time in the Corporate and Franchising World, Eric gleaned valuable lessons applicable to the music industry. The key takeaway was to treat every venue owner and fan with the utmost respect, as they are the lifeblood of our ability to perform as professional musicians.

Throughout his musical journey, Eric has been a part of various bands, but none have achieved the level of success as Radio Revolver. This dedicated group of musicians has achieved remarkable feats through their hard work and the trust they have earned from their fans, who can expect an exceptional performance night after night.

Looking ahead to 2024, Radio Revolver anticipates an extraordinary year for music. They feel deeply honored to be recognized among the plethora of incredible musicians and bands shaping the local and regional music landscape.


Rob Wojnar


Originating from the powerful Auburn, NY, my musical influences include Uncle Bear, Charlie, Sib, Bonzo, Alex, The Yellow and Black Attack, BLS, Brian Blade Fellowship, and Stanton Moore. I draw inspiration from nearly everything and everyone.

Some fun facts about me:

I find happiness only when it rains.

My family includes Dad (Cowboy Bob), Mom (Prairie Patty), Sister (Magnificent Morny), Wife (Perfect Poet), Son (Jackson Drake), Daughter (Righteous Roo Roo), and Dog (Vivee from Memphis).

My journey in the world of music began in 1983 with hockey teammates in upstate NY, continued to SUNY POTSDAM where I enjoyed the magical musicians in the frozen tundra for 5 years, and eventually, I found the mothership in Greensboro, NC in 1995. Since then, I've been cruising beautifully with the loveliest and strongest cats imaginable. Grateful.

A special shoutout to Radio Revolver – my goodness, yes please! There's so much to love, from Wood to the ultimates up front, and the absolute best support that adds pep to my step, groove to my move, and ensures no lame shame in my game. (To quote the Great Ramblin’ Rich Lerner @WQFS

Jim Wood


Growing up in Burlington, NC, Jim discovered his passion for playing bass at the age of 15. His affection for the bass guitar was ignited by his love for The Cars' music, particularly influenced by Benjamin Orr.


While Jim initially delved into the music scene through various hair metal bands in the local area, his musical journey evolved during his time at UNC, where he broadened his expertise in jazz, blues, and funk. Despite exploring various genres, his heart has always belonged to straight-ahead rock and roll.


Joining Radio Revolver in recent years has been an extraordinary journey for Jim. It allows him to play the music he grew up loving alongside some of the most talented musicians in the area, making it an unparalleled experience for him.

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